Assessments can take many forms. Some are evaluative in nature and seek to measure and judge performance against accepted criteria. Others are designed to assist in decision making. Benchmarking data can be made available for this. An example of an assessment that aids in decision making is a pre-audit. By using this type of assessment an individual or organization can determine how well they meet specific regulatory or other performance criteria and where improvement is necessary. With its holistic approach to creating product value, METRIX411 offers a full feature Q and A user interface with simple, concise tools to allow for easy completion of any assessment, no matter how complex. This easy to use interface provides the access that makes all the features of the library of assessments available at the click of a button. Assessment features include a video link for access to many videos providing background information questions, a more information link also providing additional information on a particular question, a question list of previously answered questions, a notepad, glossary and more.

Key features: