Subject Matter Experts (Individual Authors)

METRIX411, LLC collaborates with subject matter experts (SMEs) interested in developing innovative, high value assessments. These SME Authors bring a deep understanding of their craft to the project along with a clear vision of the audience for the assessment. Working with the METRIX411 Knowledge Team© the SME Author will articulate the benefits of completing the proposed assessment and describe the end results and the value it brings to end users. The process for becoming a METRIX411 published author involves the following steps:

  1. Submitting an application including names (and contact info) of 3 professional references.
  2. A review of the SME credentials and assessment proposal by the METRIX411 Knowledge Team©.
  3. Collaboration between METRIX411 and author to determine the scope and type of assessment to be authored.
  4. Entering into a contractual agreement including: pricing, royalty, distribution, etc.
  5. Development or adaptation of assessment questions, responses, scoring methodology and report format.
  6. Methodological and linguistic editing.
  7. Development and approval by METRIX411 of the assessment marketing program, including: training materials, FAQ's about the
     assessment and marketing materials.
  8. Final review by author of the online assessment and the reports.
  9. Entry into the METRIX411 catalogue and press release announcing the offering.

In certain most cases METRIX411 will utilize an advisory committee to review assessments in highly specialized fields. Members of this advisory committee will be bound by a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect the author's intellectual property. In certain cases the author may suggest experts for this advisory committee. All considered part of the vetting process.

Subject Matter Experts (Organizations)

METRIX411 collaborates with companies or organizations interested in developing assessments for their own use either internally, as a value added reseller or as a remarketer. METRIX411 follows virtually the same assessment development process with SME Organizations as it does with individual SME authors. However, there may be adjustments made to the vetting process as determined by both parties determined on an Individual Case Basis. For more information related to becoming a corporate or organizational SME, please contact METRIX411 sales at