METRIX411 relies on sales partners of various types to market the ever-growing list of assessments. These tools combined with value added support services provide a holistic approach to customer service. There are four types of partners. They are:

Consulting Partner – a company, specially trained by METRIX411 that adds value to the assessment products by offering professional services such as consulting and training to the package. Value can also be added by developing a specific program, a business continuity program as an example, designed for the customer's needs. On occasion, VARs incorporate METRIX411 assessments into their own product offering filling a void in areas that they do not specialize in.

Master Consulting Partner – a company trained by METRIX411 in the use of the assessment tools, having a network of sales partners - value added resellers - that will be integrated into the sales process. Master value resellers will be granted favorable rates.

Remarketer – a company that has special needs for revenue without offering value added professional services. Remarketing firms will offer assessments through various channels such as trade publications. METRIX411 will provide the assessment. Support services would be provided through value added resellers. Contact METRIX411 at

Corporate Partner – a company or organization that has worked closely with METRIX411 to develop an assessment that is specific to their needs. These customized assessments may be used in tandem with other METRIX411 assessments that complement the custom tools developed by the corporate partner. Further information is available at