Our Story

As its name implies, METRIX411 is a company that believes measurement and analytics are the basic building blocks that form the foundation and basis for evaluating business function effectiveness, resiliency and compliance. Every business process begins with an assessment.

Steeped in the tradition of business resiliency and enterprise-wide risk management, the METRIX411 founders, with over 100 years of executive experience in both the public and private sectors, have developed a business model that has at its core, tools that add real value to any strategic planning process. Included in the tool set are self-assessments, pre-audit evaluations and comprehensive analytical reports containing both quantitative and qualitative data. This is accomplished utilizing a web based application development environment (ADE) that allows subject matter experts (SMEs) to create business assessments that meet or surpass the planning needs of organizations worldwide. The SMEs working in concert with value added resellers (VARs) carefully selected by METRIX411 make these sophisticated tools available to their end user clients. These tools, combined with other professional services provide end users with a complete program for improving their business processes.

Designed as a SaaS or software as a service, the METRIX411 web based assessment platform enables both subject matter experts, value added resellers and end users to access and harness the power of the assessment tools in the cloud, thus eliminating the need to create a custom tool that can be costly on several levels. Additionally, subject matter experts can capitalize on their intellectual property by earning royalties, value added resellers can utilize the assessment product to grow their business by adding value to their professional services practice by broadening the scope their offerings and finally clients that can use the analyzed data from the assessment to create a gap analysis and subsequently an action plan for improvement.

METRIX411 does not just provide a platform for assessment development but it takes a holistic approach to provide its subject matter experts, value added resellers and end users with a complete package, all available online.